scene rightz!!!!!

angel tiem <3333 ʕ→ᴥ← ʔ


woof woof woof woof bark bark i just saw a tweet abt like ^_^ how good wf is and im like . YEAS ITS POG but :< then i come on here and i can never find any1 who posts n the interface is like less sleek than tumblr and im just -__-

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colored it a bit SWEFBG i feel betr abt it now since i decided 2 show them LOL

pyro........... <3

chica design i made for mai friend !!

I'm too exhausted to draw basically all the time now but I managed to get something done for Miku today

Monster calico design for PleasantlyHauntedBird

ok im <3 making an effort <3 im gonna go follow people eheheh also i think my probelm is i alwasy just go to tumblr bc the layout is a little more streamlined / they have one click reblogs with alt ?? that's my big thing TwT

*plops down* i rlly liek dis site but my dash is so inactive...... TmT

wWAGWAWHAWUAGWUHWA JERMA FOLLOWED ME ...... O_O im mutuals with wf jerma now <3 <3

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The people who are waterfall-famous enough to have their own tags that they use for text posts mystify me

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actually i just saw other people doing it and started doing it. I'm not waterfall famous at all, I have like 40 followers

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hehehe yea is not abt fame! just stella like organise thoughts in piles :D makes easy find again if need

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bee honest do it cause know that maybe bee way talk not happy for everyone? so if tag posts then they no have block bee, and can just block tag so that can choose when see bee talk?

also just feel right

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yeah, i use a tag for text posts for organisational purposes and also in case anyone does wanna blacklist those particular posts too

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Cringetober day 3 and 4: glomping and 2000s alt fashion!

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my take on wat da suit lookz liek :}

I really wanted to paint my keyboard keys to be colourful but I don't have paint or a keyboard shape I'm happy with so I did the next best thing- draw colin :]

done on drawing tablet in like... a few minutes tbh. I decided to both include the glasses and make them this translucent red because I thought that'd look cool- and it does!

Lex badly needed a consistent fashion style so I went ahead and gave ver some new threads. I’ve drawn ver in a lot of smart casual wear before but decided that is absolutely not ver style at all

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alzo i 4got2 pozt thiz. itz anothr rly simple drawin ov my sona but uhhhw juz wanted w mess w da outfit a litl more !

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colored a sketch n wateva. got lazie thooo

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perhapz a litl bit fucked up

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YOOOO datd b so fuckin SICK.... :0!!! if u do want 2..

i dont rly hav any charactr in mind 4 it?? i dont hav liek.. a character tag so if u wanna loookk at stuff lookin at my instagram would probably b bezt coz.. grid format :] herez tha link

if u want it could juz b my sona since i do draw it da mozt ghjhgfghj

alzo dont force urzelf 2 do anything if u dont want 2 ^^;

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owo i did it !!!! i sent it on artfight since ur sona is on there hehe !! ^U^ i hope u liek it !!!

uwu i drew mai stuffed animal !! his name is aspen <3 <3

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i saw a post saying a lot of waterfalls userbase is european, so if youre from north america, repour and say hi!

uhhh i drew the onceler in my clothes and !!!!!!! ;w; i maybe kinda look like the onceler !!!!!!!!!!!!